Workshop on Public Bicycle Systems: Oct 2010

PBS Workshop MainParisar and Janwani, in collaboration with GTZ and ITDP, conducted a workshop on Public Bicycle Systems - Overview and Planning, on 12th October 2010 at the International Convention Centre, Pune

The aim was to familiarize government officials, media and potential private sector partners about this system, how to plan one successfully [poster pdf] and look at examples from various cities, especially from China [poster pdf].

CIRT workshop on PPP / BRT: June 2009

A workshop was conducted on 20th June 2009 at the Central Institute for Road Transport (CIRT) located at Bhosri near Pune. Two major issues were discussed at the workshop: Public Private Partnership (PPP) in bus purchases and the Bus Rapid Transit (BRT) systems being developed in the cities of Pune and Pimpri-Chinchwad. Parisar was an invitee to the workshop.

Film on state of pedestrian facilities in Pune

Parisar, together with Locomotives (an I-CE initiative), the Alliance for Global Education and Janwani, helped create a film to document the current state of Pune's pedestrian facilities. It aims to capture the sad state of pedestrian facilities in the city today and also interviews citizens about their views of the problem and solutions.

Bicycle Awareness Program

As part of the Bicycle Partnership Program funded by I-CE, Parisar carried out a project to spread awareness of bicycling as a mode of urban transport, emphasizing mainly the role of cycling in making a people friendly city, and forwarding the idea of sustainable urban transport as a whole.

The project consisted on awareness campaigns touching various groups of the city, like school children, college students and motorists. For each of these groups a customized 'kit' was prepared revolving around the basic components of a film [Cycling Friendly Cities], a presentation and design material like posters and give aways. Details can be found in the report.

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