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About Parisar & history

Parisar is a civil society organization working on lobbying and advocacy for sustainable development. Since its formation in the early 1980s, Parisar has worked in a diverse set of fields such as preservation of heritage, protection of urban bio-diversity, and sustainable agriculture. Since about the turn of the 21st century, its work focuses mainly on sustainable urban transport, since it recognizes that unsustainable transport policies and systems are the foremost threat to urban environment and quality of life. 

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Session on Hazards of Single Use Plastic and Single Use Plastic Ban at Goa

A comprehensive 4-day national meeting was organized by National Hawker’s Federation (NHF) from 1st August – 4th August at Goa. Various NHF state leaders and representatives attended the event. Parisar conducted sessions on the first day, 1st August, 2023 on Single Use Plastic, Urban Mobility and Social Media.

Following are key insights from the meeting:

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Five essential ways to enhance shared mobility

Shared mobility plays a pivotal role in the transportation landscape of Indian cities, addressing the diverse needs of their residents. Shared mobility includes vehicles that operate on a sharing basis, such as shared auto rickshaws, or the more recent “aggregator” models such as Uber/Ola. This article talks about the shared mobility that operates without an aggregator platform. Shared mobility is sometimes also called ‘informal public transport’ or ‘intermediate public transport’. These terms are indicative of the role and their importance as a mode of public transport.

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Pune’s ESR report overlooks the most crucial problem faced by Punekars, the city road traffic!

On 27th July, the Pune Municipal Corporation (PMC) published a report of vital importance; “Environment Status Report (ESR), 2022-23”. And on the 9th of August, Punekars organized the #ChaloPMC protest, demanding better civic facilities. Concerned citizens, both individuals and groups, mohalla committee members and members from civil society organizations took an active part. 

But one question that arises is this; are citizens well-informed about the latest developments, policies, and initiatives related to environmental conservation? The answer to this becomes crucial, as informed citizens are better equipped to contribute meaningfully to the cause they are passionate about. In today's world, where the impact of human activities on the environment is becoming increasingly evident, there is a growing community of concerned citizens who strive to make a positive difference. But the lack of knowledge and awareness in policy developments can hinder the effectiveness of the movement and limit the impact it can make. This article addresses one such gap in knowledge and strengthens the position of concerned citizens, by reviewing the annual Environment Status Report (ESR), 2022-23 of Pune.

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Parisar in news

Session 1 of 'Schools for Bicycle Friendly Pune': Understanding Urban Mobility Through Directed Storytelling Exercise

In the pursuit of designing user-centric solutions for urban mobility challenges, directed storytelling workshops offer a powerful tool for gathering insights and fostering empathy. Here, we provide an in-depth look at the flow of a directed storytelling workshop we conducted to gain a deeper understanding of how individuals perceive and experience car-dependent cities and the potential for alternative modes of transportation.

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Pune Bicycle Partnership

The Pune Bicycle Plan was approved by PMC’s General Body on 14 December 2017. The Cycle Plan has been prepared with support from the Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs, Govt of India and includes proposals for a city-wide cycle network, a detailed project report (DPR) for a Public Bicycle Share system, cycle promotion activities, participatory reviews of plan implementation etc.

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