Inviting applications for City Road Safety Coordinator

About Parisar
Parisar is an NGO working in the field of environmental awareness, education and action since its formation in the early 1980s. Its area of interest spreads across a wide range of subjects from nature conservation to sustainable development, in fact everything that affects our ability to live on the earth- the air, the water, the quality of land- all that contributes to a healthy planet and in turn healthy life. Parisar has also intervened in issues related to Urban Planning through involvement in advocacy for the vision for affordable urban housing, natural farming, questioning mega projects that pose a threat to the environmental well-being of man and nature.

Parisar’s work has concentrated on sustainable urban transport, public transport and road safety for it recognizes that unsustainable transport policies and transport infrastructure are the foremost threat to urban environment and quality of life for a majority of citizens. Parisar has been working on road safety with a focus on advocacy at the national and state level for improvement in road safety action plans and policies.

Project overview
The project aims to support the effective implementation of the statutes related to key behavior risk factors (use of helmets and seat-belts, speeding, drink driving and child restraints) through the development of a State-level implementation plan by creating a multi-stakeholder platform. The project will support strengthening of the State-level institutions through capacity-building activities. Activities will also aim to bring about greater transparency and stakeholder involvement in road safety planning, implementation and resource allocation through data driven, research based and scientific approach.

Inviting applications for Digital Communications Strategist

Description: A digital communications strategist will be in charge of identifying communications (digital and offline) and social media strategies for issues Parisar works on. Using the latest digital marketing strategies, they will need to foster issue awareness and engagement across a wide spectrum of audiences. 


  • Design and lead initiatives which seek to disseminate the work of Parisar to intended target groups or the larger public in ways which are engaging and relevant to changing times. Developing digital communication strategies, campaigns, and advocacy plans and coordinating their implementation. 
  • Monitoring the effectiveness of the strategies and campaigns used on the various platforms. 
  • Working with other members of the Parisar team as well as partners in different cities to produce fully integrated online and offline campaigns. The digital element of these campaigns could include emailers, creating and providing content for online news portals, and for Parisar and the networks it is part of and their social media channels such Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn and websites.
  • Managing content for the Parisar website, along with websites being managed by Parisar for different networks.
  • Handling newsletters for Parisar and Road Safety Network.

Inviting applications for Senior Project Associate

About Parisar

Parisar advocates for sustainable, inclusive, safe and healthy cities and seeks to protect its built and natural heritage.

In the last two decades, Parisar’s focus areas have been:
1. Non-motorized transport

  1. Bus-based Public Transport
  2. Road Safety
  3. Air Quality
  4. Urban planning and design
  5. Protection of heritage and hills


Length of employment
Full-time position, 16 months contract, with the option to renew beyond.

Position Description

The Senior Project Associate will work under the supervision of the Program Director, implementing Parisar’s activities under the ‘Mobilizing community support for low carbon mobility (LCM) in Maharashtra’s cities’ project, with a focus on activities for encouraging cycling in Pune. 

This role is based in Pune and candidates will be traveling to different cities in Maharashtra as and when required.