The people working on the urban transport activities in Parisar are:


sujit patwardhan


Sujit Patwardhan

Sujit Patwardhan is a Graphic Designer and Printer by profession and a founder member and Trustee of Parisar since its inception in 1982. He has driven Parisar’s efforts to bring issues of environment centre-stage -through citizens’ campaigns, collaborative activism with other like minded organizations and advocacy efforts to highlight the need to ensure industrial and urban development does not lead to damage and destruction of the environment.

He has served on several important committees such as – Maharashtra State Environment Protection Committee, High Court Committee for overseeing building permissions granted in Mahabaleshwar and Panchgani, Mahabaleshwar Panchgani Regional Planning Board, Urban Heritage Committee of PMC (Pune Municipal Corporation), Development Plan Steering Committee for PMC etc.

Since the mid-1990s he has concentrated on advocacy for Sustainable Urban Transport Policy.







ranjit gadgil


Ranjit Gadgil:

Ranjit graduated from IIT Kanpur with a Masters in Physics before going to Cornell University for further studies. He then worked as an IT consultant for 7 years before returning to India in pursuit of something more meaningful.

He has been associated with several NGOs gaining experience in various sectors. Ranjit served as Programme Director of Janwani, an initiative of the Mahratta Chamber of Commerce, Industries and Agriculture where he launched several urban governance projects. He worked briefly with an international foundation as their transport programme officer. He was the Lead India finalist from Pune. Ranjit's current interest is non-motorized transport.








 shweta vernekar


Shweta Vernekar: 

She began in Parisar as an intern, engaged in activities promoting awareness in various groups about the role of cycling and sustainable urban transport in the city. From then on she has forayed into different transportation issues such as gender and transport, the economic aspect of transportation for a city, grading of bus transportation service in Pune, air quality and its relation to transportation and so on. Her interests include policy analysis and advocacy, focusing on non-motorised transport and public transport in cities.

She has graduated with Psychology Majors from the Pune University. Apart from work, she likes to read, write and enjoys making illustrations.










Sandeep Gaikwad:

Sandeep joined Parisar in February 2018. He holds a post graduate degree in Social Science from the Pune University.

He has been associated with several international organizations and has been working in the development sector for almost 11 years, primarily, focusing on community issues such as water, HIV, migration, livelihood, education, micro-finance and tuberculosis. His competencies include project management, team building, monitoring & evaluation and advocacy with government stakeholders. In his free time he loves to trek and dine with family members.








Swati Pathak:

Swati joined Parisar as a Project Associate. Before joining, she was an Urban Fellow at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements where she gained an interdisciplinary learning experience. She worked extensively on the issues of housing and mobility, which are her primary research interests. Her forays into urban and political sociology while pursuing her Master’s degree provided her insights on the importance of both structures of power and the processes of everyday.

She aspires to work towards understanding and improving accessibility to spaces and services, with a special focus on women and marginalized communities. She usually walks, and occasionally travels.








 Aditya Chawande:

Aditya is an Architect and Urban Designer by profession and working with Parisar. He has completed his graduation by securing 3 rd position in Bachelors of Architecture (B.Arch) from Pune University and Masters of Architecture in Urban Design from School of Planning and Architecture (SPA), Bhopal. His sensitivity towards design reflects his concern of people centric design approach. Presently he is involved in designing for improving pedestrian safety on the junctions in Pune.

He possesses an on-field experience of working on Smart Street Pilot Project in Aundh, Pune. His keen interest of research involves future trends of urbanization, urban streets and compact urban form with reference to impact of new technologies over transforming cities. He loves interacting with people and socializing with friends and family, while in free time plays mouthorgan and explore city spaces.









Sharmila Deo1


 Sharmila Deo:

 Sharmila joined Parisar in December 2016 and has been involved in several projects ranging from Transport Governance Initiative kit, Metro, Air Pollution, Road Safety etc. She is contributing to the content and material development that each of the projects may require. She also helps in organising various workshops and meetings related to these projects. She liases with many organisations and individuals for networking needed for Parisar activities.

She is interested in environment education and in association with another NGO, she has co-authored childrens' books related to wildlife and nature. As a passion to introduce children to wildlife and the outdoors, she conducts overnight camping trips for them.










Suraj For Parisar web


Suraj Jaipurkar

Suraj is a Sr. Campaign Manager, Peoples' based Pedestrian Campaign. His work revolves around sussing out potential campaigning opportunities, campaign planning, mobilizing pedestrians, network building and engaging with different stakeholders & decision-makers. He has a master’s degree in Education from TISS, Hyderabad and worked as a Project Manager at Sarthak before joining Parisar. His current interest is more focused towards pedestrian’s safety. He loves cooking, trekking, cycling and gardening in his free time.












Damodar Shanbhag: 

He joined Parisar in 2016, after having worked as a Stores Executive at Automotive Manufacturers Pvt Ltd, Pune for a total of 38 years, in which he also looked after Workshop Administration for 23 years. He is interested in sports and has represented the BMCC Kabaddi team in his college period. He is also actively engaged in the Ramakrishna Math activities, especially youth activities like training and workshops for the rural youth. At Parisar, he looks after administration and accounts.