Parisar Managing Committee

Dr Vijay Paranjpye
Retired Professor of Environmental Economics from the Wadia College, Pune,
He has authored many books on Water Resource Management and is President of Gomukh Environmental Trust, an NGO working in Water Resource Management which has been assigned to prepare several reports for the Government of Maharashtra. He has co-authored the book - "Traditional Water Management System of India". He is also the author of 'High Dams on the Narmada' published by INTACH, New Delhi.

Mr Ravindra Bhagwat
An engineer by profession, Ravindra Bhagwat was the Editor of Parisar Varta the bi-monthly newsletter in Marathi published by Parisar for over 20 years.

Mrs Vidya Patwardhan
Is the founder and Secretary of N G Naralkar Foundation's renowned Akshar Nandan School.
She has also been a founder member of Parisar and brought out special issues of Parisar Varta on Environment and Education

Dr Statira Wadia
An archaeologist by profession Statira has been a member of Parisar for over 30 years.

Dr Nitya Ghotge
She is a veterinarian and Director of Anthra, an NGO working in the area of the environment and indigenous "Livestock and Livelyhoods"

Dr Rajendra Ravi
Director of IDS (Institute for Democracy and Sustainability) Dr Rajendra Ravi has been actively involved with advocacy for the rights of cycle rickshaw drivers and the role of the cycle rickshaw as a sustainable mode of transport. He has published many books and articles on the theme of democracy, urban transport and urban agriculture and its role in sustainable development.

Mr Ranjit Gadgil
Transport Activist working in Pune for the past 20 years.