Vision for Pune: Taking it to the street, celebrating World Car-Free Day

On September 22nd, Parisar organised on-ground activities to build a buzz around the concept of car-free cities. The event witnessed a lot of one-on-one engagement with people passing by on the street.

The session started with an engaging street play by the Mangal Theatre artists who touched upon the idea of cycling in the city, some of the benefits of cycling, and a representation of what would happen if a person of authority advocates for improving cycle infrastructure in the city. They even added a rhythmic twist with some catchy rap music on ‘cycle and cycling’!

Want to relive the performance? Catch the recorded version of the play on our YouTube channel.

The activities were organised at the ‘Kalakaar Katta’ at Goodluck Chowk on Fergusson College Road in Pune, India. This is an open space where many artisans, musicians and dancers are welcome to use the space to showcase their skill. Such open spaces on the streets are good to have as they help in community participation, socialisation and public engagement. But the excitement didn't end there. A live painting session by Sonali from The Art School House, Pune, drew curious onlookers, turning heads and sparking creativity. It was visually compelling and spoke to many people who walked past the setup.

Live Painting 1 Live Painting 2

There was also a ‘Vision Board’ placed where Punekars, old and new, migrants and native, students and workers, all stopped by to write down what they envision as a pollution-free, traffic congestion-free and a more liveable city of Pune. The result? A powerful visual representation of collective aspirations. Watch our video recap to experience the day's celebrations in all their glory. Together, we're steering towards a brighter, cleaner future for Pune! 

Click here to sign the petition for 'Free Bus Day to reduce air pollution and traffic congestion in Pune and Pimpri Chinchwad!'


A closer look at the 'Vision for Pune' board

Vision for Pune Board Side 1

Vision for Pune Board Side 2