PMPML bus fares

PMPML bus fares were a hot topic of discussion over the last 0-10 months. First, PMPML increased its fares when diesel prices went up in the middle of last year (2008). This increase was disproportionately high compared to the diesel price rise. Later, when diesel prices dropped, PMPML reluctantly decreased its fares after much hue and cry, but this time the decrease was disproportionately little. Many citizens' groups, including Parisar, having been protesting regularly against such ill-treatment of PMPML commuters, who are often from the poorer segments of society, when improving the efficiency and performance of PMPML can yield far greater returns. Moreover, preliminary analysis suggests that the fare hike has not helped PMPML much in terms increasing its revenues due to a fall in ridership.

Cycle Inclusive Planning in Cities: Mar 2009

Pune was host to a 3-day workshop on cycle inclusive planning in cities organized by I-CE. Parisar played an important role in helping to organize the workshop, which was held on 6th and 7th March, 2009 at Yashada, Pune. Participants from many cities in India - Nanded, Ahmedabad, Delhi and Bangalore, apart from Pune - participated in the workshop.

Car Free Day: 22nd Sep 2008

Parisar was involved in organizing a cycle rally to celebrate World Car Free Day 2008. As part of this, cyclists began at four different locations in the city - Camp, Shaniwar Wada, Aundh and Kothrud - and converged to a central location at Sambhaji Park. About 150 cyclists and representatives of various citizen's groups participated in the event. 

I-CE international workshop for CSOs

Parisar's Sujit Patwardhan attended a 10-day international workshop organized by I-CE that brought together Civil Society Organizations (CSOs) and city planners from various cities around the world. The workshop held in end April / early May 2009 helped CSOs from different countries share their experiences in promoting non-motorized transport in different cities and countries.